A prototype of "holder" incremental game set in the near future. Man the drill, and who knows what you may find...

For now – not much. This is an early prototype made for testing game mechanics and main flow of the game. 

Cyber Cave is a bit different than most incremental games (at least, "classic" incremental games), so if you like incremental games, or even clickers and idle games, I ask you to try Cyber Cave and share your opinion!

I recommend to play this game in fullscreen mode.

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
TagsClicker, Idle, Incremental


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I like the detail of the background getting darker the farther down you are,  makes for a good transition. Also just out of spite im going to mine down to 500 or something as it keeps getting darker around me.

It doesn't work? It says "Hold here to Drill" but nothing happens.

Make sure you play it on PC, prefferably in Chrome. Should also work in Firefox. Other browsers weren't tested. 

There also might be a in-browser error (related to extensions, settings, I dunno, weather?), so you can activate a console (F12 by default) and see if there are any obvious errors printed there.

I'm playing on PC, don't have chrome; im using opera. No errors in the console either.

Probably some JS/CSS features aren't in line with those in Chrome and Firefox. 

I guess Opera is not supported at the moment then :C

is there any way to contact you, Dreadpon?

You can do so on reddit: reddit.com/user/dreadpon

Or discord: “Dreadpon #0620”

did you recive something on discord?

i reached level 100! BTW is there more  content coming?

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Not anytime soon. This is a prototype, meant purely for testing and gathering feedback. The actual game might release eventually, but there is no date available yet. I will, however, keep people posted when I get into later stages of development. 

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I really like the direction of the prototype! especially the exploration side. should probably add a way to hide the bulk resource pop-up, they get annoying later on

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Yeah, “bulk resource” concept will be reworked entirely. I think it does the right thing, but presents it very poorly. 

Nice concept! Two things: Please add some upgrade that makes mining automatic without having to hold the button all the time. And make the game save automatically :) And I like btw that there is story :)



This is a prototype, so it mainly tests the concept and most important mechanics. Technical things like saving is a must, and will be added later on.